Chambers Blog: DU's Injured Players

Mike Chamber's Blog has updates on three of DU's four injured players. Jesse Martin wasn't mentioned, but Chambers has reports on Dusty Jackson, John Lee and Paul Phillips.

You have to love this exchange between Gwozdecky and Chambers.

So, Mr. Gwozdecky, is Mr. Jackson ready to play?

“No,” Coach George said. “When you’re not practicing and you haven’t played in a year and a third, and then all of a sudden you finally get cleared to practice full, and then you say, ‘Is he ready to play?’ No.”

Um, OK, so … will Jackson be in the lineup Friday?

“There’s a good chance,” Gwoz said.

I was glad to get that settled.


Anonymous said...


I think that Gwoz is trying to imply that Dusty is not necessarily ready, but he will be in the lineup because he has to be (probably due to some other injuries) and DU needs his size in there.

Gwoz=great coach


Gwoz=not great communicator

Anonymous said...

Someone may want to remind Mr Chambers that an 'A' stands for alternate captain and not alternative captain.
I know, I know....kinda nitpicky but he should know better.

pessimisticfan said...

sounds like Tortarella and Larry Brooks

puck swami said...

I think Mike and Gwoz can work this out. They are two grown men who do their jobs well, and they both need each other.

vizoroo said...

Any chance Jesse will be at Magness this weekend?

dggoddard said...

Chambers did an outstanding job throughout the Jesse Martin story.