Denver Cup: DU 6 - Lake Superior State 3 FINAL

Drew Shore recorded a Hat Trick as the University of Denver rolled to a 6-3 victory on Friday night at Magness Arena. DU will face Air Force on Saturday night. Air Force won 2-1 over Clarkson in the afternoon game.


puck swami said...

This was not the blowout the score would suggest, but a win is a win.

Need to play much better to beat Air Force.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any update on the status of DU freshman Justin Jones? Last I heard, there were transcript or eligibility issues. He hasn't played at all, including pre-season. I would guess he's not practicing either; so I'd assume at this point even if the details got worked out he'll never play this year anyways???.... anyone???

puck swami said...

I think he's been cleared to practice recently.

He has yet to dress for a game.

Twister said...

Nice game for Drew Shore. He is becoming a special player for DU.

As for the rest of the game---mediocre. DU was sloppy. Lots of poor passes and lackluster play in their own end. DU scored when it mattered but was not sharp overall.

One other observation: Matt Donovan has elite talent but has work to do to become an elite player. Too often this season he's lacked focus and has made poor decisions with the puck. He needs to buckle down, use his teammates, and make the smart play, rather than try to make the flashy play.

dggoddard said...

Paul Phillips was +4 last night.

Beau Bennett looked very good.

Jersey Shore with the Hattie.