Terry Frei's Blog: DU Moves Date Of Denver Cup

Terry Frei talked to George Gwozdecky about moving the Denver Cup to Thanksgiving Weekend. The half empty Magness Arena wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement for the date change. Obviously "Black Friday" shopping and a glut of college football on TV provide some real competition.

I'd expect a better crowd tonight with Air Force rolling into Magness against DU.


Anonymous said...

Another thing they were up against besides Black Friday was the Lighting of The Lights in downtown Denver. I don't understand why they wouldn't televise the "trophy" game; especially with the I-25 teams facing each other. Not just this series either; look at the CC games, too. Fox isn't covering the best games, in my opinion. Tonights' game should actually be pretty good to watch; if I wasn't a Pioneer season ticket holder and I had achoice between Avs or DU, I'd forego the Avs game to be at Magness for DU vs. AF tonight.

puck swami said...

Fox won't do Saturday DU games during college football season, so the point is moot.

The reason the arena is half full is that Lake Superior State is a team that DU season ticket holders would rather eat their tickets than see play.

DU fans are simply not that interested in low-profile opponents in any sport.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty sad fan base.