DU 3 - Air Force 1 FINAL

(above) Dusty Jackson celebrates the first goal of the game

The University of Denver hockey team won the Denver Cup for the 15th time on Saturday night. DU defeated Air Force largely through the contributions of Drew Shore, who is establishing himself as an elite forward in the WCHA.

While DU won its sixth straight game, bigger fish remain on the horizon as DU travels to Duluth next weekend to take on the nations #1 team, Minnesota-Duluth.

1st Period
DU Goal - Jackson (PP) - [Makowski, D. Shore]

2nd Period
DU Goal - D. Shore - [Maiani]

3rd Period
AF Goal - Kleisinger
DU Goal - Bennett [Maiani]

Jason Zucker - Drew Shore - Luke Salazar
Anthony Maiani - Nick Shore - Beau Bennett
Chris Knowlton - Kyle Ostrow - Dustin Jackson
Shawn Ostrow - Nate Dewhurst

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - William Wrenn
John Lee

Sam Brittain - Adam Murray - Josh Rosenholtz


puck swami said...

Good 3-1 win for the Pioneers against a motivated and hard working rival in Air Force. Pioneers really gelled in the second and third periods, and having won 8 out of 9, and the last 5 straight, DU is heating up just in time for a trip to UMD, where a split would be a great result.

Drew Shore is a totally different player this year.

Brittain gives DU a shot to win almost every game now.

du78 said...

All Tourney Team

F Drew Shore - DU
F Dustin Jackson - DU
F Blake Page - AFA
D David Makowski - DU
D Brad Sellers - AFA
G Sam Brittain - DU

MVP Drew Shore - DU

Anonymous said...

Zucker is the best thing ever to happen to Drew; so I really hope those 2 can feed off each other while they are still on the same team; probably not longer than 24 months

Twister said...

Nice win for DU tonight and another Denver Cup! It took a better effort than last night to beat the Falcons and DU got the job done. What a weekend for Drew Shore. Really glad to see Dusty Jackson back on the ice and getting back into rhythm--I think he will be a great addition.

Lots of respect to AFA--those guys never take a shift off and are always ready to play.

Coach said...

Very nice to see Makowski receive all-tourney honors. He has shown tremendous poise and reliability in his first season.

Anonymous said...

Great tournament A field like non other.

Anonymous said...

WTF was with that 2nd period final ending penalty on the Academy??? It was never announced. Stickney said "roughing". At first from our section, we all thought it should have been another game disqualification for hitting from behind; but in reality, after seeing it online ondemand just now, it looks like Zucker did a little bit of an acting job.

dggoddard said...

Zucker was acting, but the WCHA refs are so predictable. Almost every time they call a 5 minute major, you can count on a offsetting 2 minute minor to even things up for the other team at some point. Its like clockwork.

DU has been able to cruise through this six game winning streak confident that superior talent would more than likely rule the day. Now they face a potent Duluth team that can match DU's talent and and have an added edge of more experience. Should be a great Litmus Test for DU.

puck swami said...

The key to winning at UMD is shutting down that top line with Fontaine and the Connolly's. Should be interesting to see how Gwoz decides to counter them.

dggoddard said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Dusty Jackson on one of the first two lines to counter UMD's big guns.

achsdu17 said...

The British Empire stands tall again. I'm working on a crimson and gold British flag now. My hope is that I can get it printed into a flag.

puck swami said...

Key stat:

Drew Shore was 15-4 on face-offs against AFA.

That kind of dominance in the face-off circle is crucial to DU's puck possession and victory.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys notice what might be a new trend? In addition to Boone posters held up against the glass in the student section, someone was hold up a huge English flag ... Great Brittain! -- chase

puck swami said...

Ah, the Union Jack appears to be the work of a couple of posters here....Amy and Steve, is this your handiwork?

Anonymous said...

So here's a question. If you were the Coach of this DU team, what would you do with the goalies? One part of me is downright surprised that Murray hasn't played again since he was hurt. The other part is saying, why mess with a good thing; if Sammy is on a streak - don't jeopardize it by attaching his buttcheeks to the bench, and risk watching a rusty Adam have rubber whizz by him in the upcoming league games. Then again; God forbid the Britt gets hurt, and you have to throw Adam in unexpected...... what to do, what to do?? I obviously don't see practices, but to me, Adam's facial expressions in the warmups, indicate he is getting antsy. It's a tough call.......

puck swami said...

I think you have to play Adam at some point.

I'd start Sam at UMD, and if DU wins the first game, I'd be tempted to start Adam in the second game.

If not vs UMD, certainly you need to play Adam in his hometown of Anchorage the week after to let him face UAA once again, and exorcise the demons.