George Gwozdecky Press Conference

(above) DU coach George Gwozdecky addressed the media regarding the Jesse Martin injury

Coach Gwozdecky addressed the media on Tuesday and provided many details about the events on Saturday night.
  • The team did not celebrate after the hard fought 3-0 victory over North Dakota
  • He praised Martin for reaching out to UND's Brad Malone with the phone call.
  • He stated for the first time that the hit on Martin was not a legal hit. A Linesman witnessed the hit and the penalty was assessed after conferring with the two referees.
  • Paul Phillips, Adam Murray and Dusty Jackson are starting to skate but may not play this weekend.
  • DU has a hole at the center position and various options are being considered so DU can roll four lines against Colorado College.
  • He complemented the medical staff of both schools and the hospital in Grand Forks for providing excellent care for Martin.

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puck swami said...

Very informative news conference and a very interesting interpretation of the legality of the hit to Martin.