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One of the questions asked repeatedly on internet message boards regarding Jesse Martin's injury was concern about insurance coverage. The NCAA provides student athletes with $20 million worth of disability coverage for injuries sustained during practice or games.
No TV this weekend for Pioneer fans. DU hockey games will only be available via PioneerVision at The games are available for either a monthly or annual subscription fee.
Mike Chambers Denver Post Blog lists the injury report for DU this weekend. A few badly needed fresh faces will be seen back on the ice. Chambers also notes that Great Brittain has siezed control of the goaltender rotation.


Twister said...

DU needs 4 points this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Will PioneerVision actually work this weekend? They've screwed something up each of the last two weekends. The tech answering the phone during the DU/ND game suggested just getting the game from the North Dakota website since DU couldn't figure it out. Will Minnesota State be carrying the games on their website?

Anonymous said...

The big qustion in my mind is the future of Adam Murray.

His play to date is simply not at at a competent D-I level.

A 5.27 GAA and an 82% saves percentage is simply not acceptable at this level, injuries or not.