The Pioneer Post: New DU Basketball Blog

(above) The Pioneer Post is covers the DU Basketball Program

Why is an alumus of the University of Southern California and Notre Dame Law School, erstwhile journalist, now a lawyer with a blogging habit, deciding to randomly devote a sizable portion of his free time and energy and blog space to covering University of Denver basketball?

Read The Pioneer Post to find out.

Veteran blogger Brendan Loy is undertaking the daunting task of blogging about the DU basketball program. The Pioneer Post is everything LetsGoDU is not. Loy has Journalism & Law degrees, writes very well and posts long articulate articles.

Brendan tells us why he's doing it and what his plans are in his introductory article. His subsequent postings detail the agony of DU's 0-3 start to the season, including losses to UC-Santa Barbara, Oregon and North Dakota State last weekend.


Twister said...

DU hoops is struggling thus far.

Good article on Zucker in today's Denver Post.

dggoddard said...

As always. Thanks for the heads up.