Chambers Blog: Four Part Jesse Martin Interview

Mike Chambers' Blog also has a three part in-depth interview with Jesse Martin about the hours just after the injury occurred, reaching out to North Dakota player Brad Malone and finally Jesse's physical therapy and recovery. Its frightening to hear how close he came to dying on the ice in Ralph Engelstad Arena.
Part I - "The Night Of The Injury"

Part II - "Reaching Out To Brad Malone"

Part III - "Rehabilitation and Recovery"

Part IV - "Returning To Denver"


Anonymous said...

Jesse Martin and his family are still in our thoughts and prayers. We are pulling for nothing short of a complete recovery and WE BELIEVE he can do it.

Get well Jesse!

North Dakota native

Twister said...

Wow, what a gruesome story, especially part 1. While reading it never really dawned on me that Jesse could have passed away. I was just focusing on movements here and there. But when you hear a guy could have died, it makes it that much worse. Gut-wrenching.

Get well Jesse!

dggoddard said...

Someone just posted over at USCHO that Jesse is being airlifted to Denver today.

Certainly great news and having the support of all his teammates and students will certainly be a huge boost to his morale.

Go DU & Get Well Jesse...

WannabeDUalum said...

once again great coverage from MC and the Denver Post. So scary yet so uplifting...