Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Denver Post: Beau Bennett Injury Update

(above) The Denver Post has an update on Beau Bennett's injury

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has up to date information about Beau Bennett's injury obtained during a Wednesday morning interview with the star forward.

The University of Denver hockey team departed for Anchorage this afternoon and will arrive at midnight after a layover in Seattle. DU will practice on Thursday afternoon for the series this weekend at UAA.


Anonymous said...

How about B2 pay per view coverage?

DU/CC Dad said...

It looks we will be able to get the game on the computer at It doesn't say how much but I would imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of the $7 that B2 charges

dggoddard said...

The UAA fans mentioned on the message board that GCI was limiting the number of viewers to 100 so that the video stream wouldn't crash. So if you plan to watch it online sign up ontime or risk missing out.

vizoroo said...

GCI is usually FREE!