DU Fan Gives College Hockey Rag The Business

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One alert PioNation fan was so enraged by the bogus Inside College Hockey Power Rankings this week, he/she fired off an irate email. The clowns at INCH had the temerity to drop Denver in their ranking after DU managed to split a road series against the #1 team in the country.

Then compounding their flawed logic, INCH lectured the public on Poll etiquette.

While INCH ranked DU #12 this week, the Pioneers moved up six spots to #3 in the Pairwise Rankings after the split with Minnesota-Duluth. DU remains #1 in the LetsGoDU SuperPoll (Colorado College is last).


Anonymous said...

I saw that insane "ranking" too and was perplexed, how do they drop a spot by beating the no. 1 team in the country on the road? -- chase

puck swami said...

Rankings are based on everyone's results, not just DU's.

The only ranking the matters is the PWR, and that only matters on NCAA selection day.

Anonymous said...

Here's my email to the INCH gods.

What kinda bozo lowers their power ranking on a team that beats the #1 team in the nation on their home ice? And Yale at #1. Might as well goto to USA Today for all my college hockey expertise. Pairwise says DU is #3. Krach says DU is #4. DU SOS is #2. You guys have a serious anti-DU bent. Why would I want your free email newsletter? You're a joke.

dggoddard said...

Rankings are fun for the fans., players and press.

People who know nothing about college hockey always ask me what DU is ranked.

Do they mean anything? No.

Anonymous said...

For sure....Number 1 seeds get beat by number 4 seeds quite often. Holy Cross, RIT, ect..... DG, once again your hockey knowledge is spot on.

dggoddard said...

Its always fun when CC & UND fans come on here and lecture us about upsets in the NCAA Tourney.

2004 - DU 1 UND 0

2005 - DU 6 CC 2

Mike Eidelbes said...

Anti-DU bent? I got a degree from DU, for crissakes (M.S. Public Relations 1998). I worked in the DU athletic department for three years, including one as the hockey SID in 1999-2000. Mark Rycroft's ketchup-and-mustard sweater hangs on the wall in the TV room. Ron Grahame's 1978 Topps card is pinned to my bulletin board at work.

To those who suggest I have an anti-DU bent, I say, "How dare you, sir!"

Mike Eidelbes
Managing Editor
Inside College Hockey

P.S.: Bring back Boone

P.P.S: A certain WCHA program also located in the Centennial State is not unlike the action by which a person would drink liquid through a straw.

dggoddard said...

Now that we have that settled, lets rank DU #1 in the INCH Power Rankings every week and all will be forgiven.

P.S. - More DU biased journalism.

P.P.S. - Never rank CC higher than last.

Anonymous said...

Tell the whole story, dg. 2006,7,8,9,10?????. Be a complete blogger, not a such a Homer.

dggoddard said...

The whole story is that DU has won

7 National Championships
'58 '60 '61 '68 '69 '04 '05

12 WCHA Regular Season Championships
'58 '60 '61 '63 '68 '72 '73 '78 '86 '02 '05 '10

14 WCHA Playoff Champiosnhips
'60 '61 '63 '64 '66 '68 '69 '71 '72 '73 '86 '99 '02 '05 '08

achsdu17 said...

What ever happened to the LetsGoDU rankings?

Those were always fun.

dggoddard said...

LetsGoDU SuperPoll™

1 DU-Clearly the best after road split w/ UMD

2) UMD-Split with DU proves they are for real

3) UND-What do you get when you mate a gorilla and a North Dakotan? A retarded gorilla

4) BC-Sweep great teams like DU & BU and then can't beat Merrimack?

5) Maine-Waiting for inevitable meltdown

6) Notre Dame-Tougher than their football team

7) UNH-Alway tough until NCAA Tourney begins

8) Miami-Enrico Rules

9) BU-BC's little sister these days

10) Yale-Overrated

Dead Last) Colorado College-We knew they'd suck, but never dreamed it would get this bad

Anonymous said...

Mike. Thanks for posting. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (which polls are), your's just happens to be wrong ;-)

I don't disagree with with your initial logic that BC very impressively swept BU and should now be ranked ahead of DU (heck, they swept DU earlier too). However, the logic that all teams they jumped over should all be equitably be pushed down one spot doesn't make sense.

I posted a detailed analysis of Mich (#11) vs. DU (#12) in the comments for the story just below this one. You can't make a logical argument why Mich is ahead of DU.

It seems to me that INCH viewed the BC sweep in a "vacuum" and ignored the results of the teams that BC jumped over. The sentiment is furthered by the general explanation given that, essentially, BC had an impressive sweep and everybody they jumped over got moved down equitably by one spot since they all split. Michigan splittling with tOSU is not as "impressive" as DU splitting Duluth in the DECC (I think it was the grand finale for the DECC too, maybe we could get Old Pio to clarify) ;-)

Mike Eidelbes said...

I'll be honest; When it comes to rankings, I think I'm tougher on DU than I am on other teams because of my background. And you guys are right ... they probably should be ahead of Michigan.

But when we put together the rankings, sometimes you look at a cluster of four teams with similar overall records who had the same weekend results -- split, split, split, split -- and we tend to lean toward treating them all the same.

One of these times, we'll get it right. You know, kind of like the WCHA justice system.

Anonymous said...

love that we have INCH editor joining the conversation! glad to hear our comments don't fall on deaf ears

Goon said...

10) Yale-Overrated

I am liking the rankings already.

Anonymous said...

58) DU - the've been beat down by all kinds of teams this year. Raise you hand if your team has scored 5 + on DU...

achsdu17 said...

You better not be a CC fan, because unless you've have won and owned a conference regular season, conference playoff, or even a national title in the past decade you have squat to brag about.

It's pretty sad to see a hockey program and fans think of beating one team as their national title. What happened? You give up on ending that 54 year curse? Decide that you suck so bad the only thing you can hope for is to watch a DU defeat. It's creepy and sad. It's like you are that crazy / ugly looking ex who starts stalking her former boyfriend. You steal his newspaper once and a while, get into his mail and begs for attention. Meanwhile, he's moved on, is dining with the top girls and is having fun. Where is CC fan though... outside the window looking in, yelling I HAD YOU!

Please CC... restore some dignity for yourself.

Mike Eidelbes said...

Thanks for the opportunity. We at INCH are always open to discussion and debate. If you've got a question/comment/concern/quibble, drop us a line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and the INCH team as well Mike. You run a nice site over there and your rankings (although not always agreeable) are always fun to look at each week...and I think they are better than USCHO and USA Today too.

Anonymous said...

...and let's not forgot...INCH did rank us the #1 recruiting class in the country...they are not DU haters

vizoroo said...

I could be wrong, but I think Mike ranked DU's 1-0 win over UND in the NCAA Regionals in 2004 the best college hockey game. And now that we know his blood lines, he can't be all bad!