USA Hockey Names WJT Tryout Roster

Team USA's Camp begins 12/17 in Troy, Rochester, Jamestown and Amherst, N.Y.

The camp will include exhibition games against RPI 12/19, the Czech Republic on 12/21 and 12/23 against Norway. The final U.S. national junior team 22-man roster will be announced on 12/23.

Three defensemen & four forwards will be cut from this roster

Jack Campbell - Windsor Spitfires
Andy Isles - Cornell

Adam Clendening - BU
Brian Dumoulin - BC
Justin Faulk - UMD
John Ramage - WI
Nick Leddy - Rockford Icehogs
Derek Forbort - UND
Jon Merril - MI
Jamie Oleksiak - Northeastern
Philip Samuelsson - BC
Patrick Wey - BC

Nick Bjugstad - MN
Ryan Bourque - Quebec Remparts
Connor Brickley - VT
Chris Brown - MI
Mitch Callahan - Kelowna Rockets
Charlie Coyle - BU
Jerry D'Amigo - Toronto Marlies
Emerson Etem - Medicine Hat Tigers
Rocco Grimaldi - USNDT U18
Chris Kreider - BC
Jeremy Morin - Rockford Icehogs
Brock Nelson - UND
Matt Neito - BU
Kyle Palmieri - Syracuse Crunch
Brandon Saad - Saginaw Spirit
Drew Shore - DU
Jason Zucker - DU


Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with the Denver Broncos press conference at 9am to hopefully name a new Head Coach

dggoddard said...

Ouch. Josh got fired.

Yet another example of how important it is to have a great head coach.

Redo Gwozdecky's contract ASAP.

dggoddard said...

Wow Shore & Zucker are going to have some great linemates if they can crack to top 22.


"The preliminary U.S. roster to be announced Tuesday in Buffalo at 11 a.m. will include pro players Jerry D'Amigo (Toronto), Kyle Palmieri (Anaheim) and Jeremy Morin and Nick Leddy (both of Chicago). Palmieri, Morin and Leddy have all played games in the NHL and AHL this season, while D'Amigo has played 26 games in the AHL.

The American team will have six returning wingers, including D'Amigo, Chris Kreider (New York Rangers draft pick) and Jason Zucker (Minnesota Wild draft pick) at left wing and Morin, Palmieri and Ryan Bourque (Rangers draft pick) on right wing."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of re-doing Gwoz's contract asap...this is information of the "i know someone who knows someone who knows someone" category (so take it with a grain of salt)...being heresay, I'll refrain from giving the player's name.

but there is a certain top recruit that we are going after heavily who has DU as his #1 choice, but has not yet committed because of Gwoz's contract situation.

It's fairly obvious now that I think about it...but having a coach's contract expire in two years is an immediate problem today...not something you can wait to get nervous about until 2012.

du78 said...

Former DU player Scott McConnell is the team's video coach.

dggoddard said...

From DU's Press Conference today Steve Miller mentioned that Beau Bennett had an MRI this morning and the results would be known tonight.

Of course this could all be precautionary, but needing an MRI in the first place doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

With Bozak's 2008 injury, the MRI led to arthroscopic surgery which reveled the torn meniscus.

Fingers crossed on this injury situation and best of luck to Beau.

Anonymous said...

The only factor is economics. The fanbase at du is to weak to have a chip in this game.

Gwoz will go for the cash at a big name school. You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

A Denver fan living in Missouri chastised us Monday for dropping his beloved Pioneers one spot in this week’s INCH Power Rankings despite their split at then No. 1 Minnesota Duluth. As we were going to explain to this gentle reader (who gave us a bogus e-mail address, preventing us from responding to his complaint), it wasn’t what DU did or didn’t do that caused them to slide. Instead, we were compelled to reward Boston College for its dismemberment of Boston University, so we vaulted the Eagles from No. 13 to No. 6. Ultimately, four teams that split last weekend—Denver among them—ended up sliding one spot as a result.

When it comes to rankings, remember this: your team does not play in a vacuum.

Dg, you should stop with the bogus emails.

dggoddard said...

Its great to see PioNation spreading to the Heartland of America.

Anonymous said...

The only factor isn't economics. You are an idiot. If you had a family (which I'm sure you don't since the closest you've ever gotten to having a girlfriend is watching a marathon of the Kardashians) you would know that a lot of personal factors impact major business decisions like this.

Gwoz has a family and a home here. He's restored a program back to the national elite. This is his legacy. Does he want to leave it? Nobody knows except George. There could be reasons for him to leave. But, much like Bill Tierney, personal factors will weigh in very heavily.

Anonymous said...

DG, stop with the anonymous emails. Be a man and post your own name on your rag....I mean blog

Anonymous said...

That's a weak response INCH guy. I don't care where you have them ranked...personally, I'd rather have them unranked in your poll. But, since you tried to make a logical argument and failed, I feel compelled to respond.

You're correct in one area, DU does not play in a vacuum. There are several other games taking place over the weekend and the season.

Take last weekend results. Michigan split with OSU (unranked). DU splits with Duluth (#1). DU 11-5-2 Michigan 9-5-4. DU SOS (KRACH) #3, Michigan #14. DU overal KRACH ranking #4, Mich #13. Overall PWR ranking DU#3, Mich #16. DU rises in the PWR rankings after last weekend's result and Mich drops. I can go on and least until DU gets into the top 10. I don't necessarily agree with with the lofty rankings that DU is currently getting from the computers.

You can't make a logical argument why Michigan (and several other teams) is ranked above DU except for the fact that BC swept BU. That's weak INCH.