Player Who Hit Zucker Suspended Four Games

From: IIHF Website

Dan Marouelli, the IIHF`s appointed Disciplinary Judge, handed out suspensions totaling six additional games to three players for flagrant violations in games played yesterday. The Slovakia-United States game produced five of those games to two Slovaks, the heaviest suspension going to Martin Marincin (three extra games). Peter Hrasko received two additional games while Canada's Zack Kassian got one extra game.

The IIHF has very specific rules regarding dangerous hits. These are not limited just to the head but to the neck area as well, which is defined by that part of the body above the collarbone and shoulder pads (i.e., unprotected areas).

All players were automatically given one-game suspensions for their match penalties for a hit to the head and neck area.

Slovakia’s Martin Marincin was assessed a further three-game suspension (four games in total) by the IIHF for his hit to the head and neck area on American forward Jason Zucker with 7:51 left in the third period of the United States-Slovakia game on December 28.

In making his assessment, Marouelli analyzed the play on DVD. As well, he received a verbal report from the IIHF’s medical staff and discussed the play with the referee supervisor and the Chairman of the championship.

Some of the criteria used to make this decision included the distance traveled by Marincin to deliver the hit. In Marouelli’s opinion, this was a premeditated act as the puck had long left the vicinity of the play. Marincin took advantage of a defenceless and unsuspecting opponent and deliberately targeted the head and neck area, resulting in an injury to Zucker.


Anonymous said...

Rat bastid should have been dogged piled!

Anonymous said...

At least the IIHF takes hits to the head as a serious infraction and isn't giving a slap on the wrist. The wcha on the other hand....

dggoddard said...

Agree 100% about the WCHA.

Its time to ramp up the suspensions.

puck swami said...

Dan Marouelli was a longtime NHL ref, and he clearly understands the rule, and how to apply it.

Four games is the right punishment, and effectively ends the tourney for Marincin.

The is exactly how the WCHA should apply the rule as well.

Anonymous said...

Chambers has an update. Says it was a concussion but not serious. Listed as day to day.


Anonymous said...

this is why I don't like tournaments. And preseason games.

Twister said...

4 games will suffice, although I wouldn't have complained if that kid had been sent home. That was a bush-league chickenshit hit and exactly the type of hit that deserves severe punishment.