Chambers Blog Has Bennett & Zucker Updates

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has injury updates in his blog on DU players Jason Zucker & Beau Bennett. Zucker is playing in the World Junior Tournament for Team USA and Bennett was supposed to suit up this weekend for the Pioneers against Northern Michigan.


dggoddard said...

To news on Bennett is very troubling. Sounds like they are going to have to Scope his knee and find out whats causing the problem.

Obviously its not a knee sprain and once agin shows some of the limitations of the MRI.

msbdu said...

any thoughts on what the lines will be this weekend?

dggoddard said...

Bet the coaches don't have much clue about the lines at this point either. Things are a little thin at forward, to say the least.

My guess:

Miaini - N. Shore - Salazar
Knowlton - K. Ostrow - S. Ostrow
Jackson - Dewhurst - Olszewski
Mermis - J. Jones

Donovan - Phillips
Ryder - Makowski
Nutini - Wrenn
J. Lee


Anonymous said...

Unleash The Mermis!

Anonymous said...

Move Donovan to forward :-)

Maiani - N. Shore - Salazar
Knowlton - K. Ostrow - Donovan
Jackson - Dewhurst - S. Ostrow
Mermis - Olszewski - J. Jones

Is Jones really playing this weekend? Will be nice to finally see him out there and see what he has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous opportunity for Salazar; or anyone, really - to go hogwild. I have a gut feeling that luke is going to have a big weekend. Are the Wildcats all healthy?

Anonymous said...

I would suspect Jon Cook would be in there before Jones.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cook definately can step up when he has the chance. And I'd say this is one of those chances.