DU Hockey Alumni Association Update

(above) Rod Summers (#3) in action back in the day

Many exciting changes are planned for the University of Denver Hockey Alumni Association in 2011. The group which represents former DU hockey players has just been granted a Raffle License by the State of Colorado. They will be holding "50/50 Raffles" on game nights at Magness Arena.

The Raffles will enable the Alumni Association to be self-sufficient and have a larger role supporting and promoting the University of Denver Hockey Program. President and former DU hockey player Rod Summers (1987-1990) has been working with the University and Athletic Department on this project.

The Board of Directors of the DU Hockey Alumni Association includes Summers, Spence Walden, Tom Sampson, Jim Wiste, Mark Rycroft, Jason Grahame, Gerry Powers, Marty Howe, Murray Dow & Harold Beier.


puck swami said...

Great to see 50/50s coming to Magness. Almost every rink in Canada has these, and it's been catching on in the states in recent years. Good fundraiser that really motivates people, as these winning pots can get be quite attractive,

dusince59 said...

Look forward to this addition.