The University of Denver and Alaska-Anchorage skated to a 2-2 tie on Saturday night. DU was cruising to an apparent 2-1 victory, when UAA scored with eight minutes remaining.

DU breaks for Christmas, while Drew Shore and Jason Zucker head off to the USA World Junior Tryout Camp.

WCHA Standings

1st Period

UAA Goal - Kwas (Grant, Parkinson) [Power Play]
DU Goal - Donovan (Salazar)

2nd Period
DU Goal - Jackson (Maiani, N. Shore)

3rd Period
UAA Goal - Bruijsten (Parkinson, Leinweber)

No scoring

Zucker - D. Shore - Salazar
Maiani - N. Shore - Jackson(A)
Knowlton - K. Ostrow(C) - S. Ostrow
Dewhurst - Olszewski

Donovan - Nutini(A)
Ryder - Makowski
Phillips - Wrenn

Brittain - Murray


dggoddard said...

Free video streaming on Friday and Saturday nights.


To access video at gametime. Enter your zip code and then press the game link.

Quality was so-so but it got better as the game went along.

pessimisticfan said...

is Murray or Brittain getting the nod tonight. Hopefully Brittain since Murray was shaky last night...

Anonymous said...

I'd be shaky too if I hadn't played for that long. IMHO, George needs to go back to rotating both of those boys.

Anonymous said...

lets get the sweep tonight! then its all cakes until CC (obviously they are towards the bottom of the league, but its always interesting with the gold pan on the line)!!!

Anonymous said...

Colorado College SUCKS. The ONLY reason DU lost to them so badly.... was because of the horrible charter bus company, with no air conditioning all the way down Interstate 25. That was the work of the mafia, alive and well here in Colorado. Scott Owens had the Mob Boss' coerce the bus company. Don't laugh; it's TRUE. Denver's 1st true bus road trip... and the A/C tanks???? C'mon. What do they plan for the next series? Go sabatoge all the C-Dot trucks... and they can't clear the interstate - so DU can't get down there to play? You heard it here first. The Mob has no business in college hockey. Sadly, they're in it though.

dggoddard said...

Brittain gets the start in goal tonight.

Lets hope Zucker can get DU off to another fast start.

MagnessMan said...

I think Sam could throw down the shut out tonight. Makowski was +3 last night. Sweet pass on the PP by him last night. I really like the way the 15, 17, 18 line is coming together. Interesting that DU is coming into the break with 3.25 Goals per Game overall and 3.5 in the WCHA. There was a lot of talk at the beginning of the year that we wouldn't be lighting it up too much.

dggoddard said...

Free video is up and running. Don't forget to enter your zip code and press login.

Aluuum said...

You think we have empty seats at Magness!! This game is all empty seats. What else is there to do in Ankorage? whatever it is, they are not doing it at this game. I would have guessed a full house.

dggoddard said...

UAA has had something like 15 losing seasons in a row.

Puck Swami said...

A tie was the right result. Both teams played hard at times, and not at others.

Very happy with DU's first half when you consider what this team lost to graduation, early signings and injuries.

Anonymous said...

Yea, ties are great.

Twister said...

Good weekend for DU. 3 points on the road vs a tough UAA team--I'll take it. That wraps up a very good 1st half. I'm excited to see what this team can accomplish in the 2nd half.