Beau Bennett Website For Serious Fans

If you're not getting enough Beau Bennett coverage on LetsGoDU, there's always, the online source for Beau Bennett fans. Photos, videos and news about Beau streamed 24 hours a day.


msbdu said...

Minnesota State vs. Denver
Friday, January 14, 2011
7:37PM CST
Alltel Center
Mankato, Minnesota
Price: $7.00


Anonymous said...

Wow, who created this - his girlfriend or his Mom? It's not like he's trying to catch Scouts' attention...... but.... OK I guess.

Anonymous said...

His webgirl DJ sounds sexy.

DJ said...

Thanks for the shout out guys!

Anonymous, I'm not his mom or his girlfriend, I was a fan of his so I decided to start a site. Just like whoever runs this site is a fan of the team & runs a site on them. It's not a whole lot different.

Anonymous said...


Are you in British Columbia?

dggoddard said...

Nice job on the Beau Bennett website.

Who knew Beau studied piano for five years?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the website doesn't break and go down like beau. Ill hold out for the Zucker site.

Anonymous said...

Care to amend your statement 11:21? Beau had a pretty damn good weekend.