BU Bad Boy Kicked Off Team For Studying Too Much

(left) When Andrew Glass pulled the old, "I missed the workout because I was studying excuse" Jack Parker kicked him off the Boston University hockey team

From: USCHO.com

After being abrubtly cut from the Boston University squad earlier this month, junior forward Andrew Glass gave his side of the story to the Boston Hockey Blog.

BU coach Jack Parker said he dismissed Glass for violating team rules, but Glass rebuffs that, saying he missed two meetings and missed a pre-holiday practice, later changed to a workout, due to a final exam.

“By NCAA rules,” Glass said, “a team cannot have organized practices or workouts during exam week and based upon the past two years, if you had conflicts, you completed the workouts on your own time. Not only was I studying in the library, but I came right afterwards around 3:30 to workout.

“I was the only player on the team to have a final exam the next day, and because the team was in New York for the majority of the weekend, I had little time to study. Nonetheless, I figured that taking care of my academics was something I shouldn’t have to explain, let alone get punished for” [Read rest of article].

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Isn't this the guy whose card Eaves gave players like Smith, Their get-out-of-jail free card?