DU Hockey Alumni 50-50 Raffle Off To Brisk Start

The DU Hockey Alumni Association's 50-50 Raffle was held for the first time this weekend. On Friday night they sold $1083 worth of tickets. On Saturday night they sold $1426 worth of tickets.

The DUHAA would like to thank everyone who participated. Like LetsGoDU and the Boone Movement, the DU Hockey Raffle is a great way for fans to participate on a grass roots level.

The DU Hockey Alumni Association will use the proceeds to assist the DU Hockey Program.

The next Raffle will be against Colorado College on Saturday, Feb 5th.


puck swami said...

This 50/50 blew the doors off everyone expectations. They neared their nightly limits in only the first weekend!

I think the limit they can give away is $1,000 per game and they can keep $1,000 per game.

I think they could raise $15,000 - 20,000 per season easily...

dggoddard said...

I'm sure they'll reach the $2,000 max ticket sales during the Colorado College game.

Anonymous said...

what was raffled off?

puck swami said...

Money was raffled off.

These 50/50 raffles started in Canada and are common in Canadian rinks in every community, and they are becoming more common in the USA.

Essentially, you buy as many $1 tickets as you want. Half the total money raised in raffle ticket sales is awarded as a prize in the third period to the lucky ticket holder selected in a drawing, while the other half of the money pot is kept by the organizer, in this case, the Denver Hockey Alumni Association. On Saturday, the winner won about $700, and DUHA got about $700, hence the 50/50 name.

dggoddard said...

A couple of seasons ago some DU NHLers donated some video equipment that the team uses at practice.

Carle & Statsny donated the 60th Anniversary throwback jerseys.

DU & CC wanted to do a historical hockey video this past offseason but the DU Athletic Department said "No."

These are the type of projects that the $25,000 raised each season will be able to fund.