Is #1 Ranked Yale Using An Illegal Player?

(above) Yale may be forced top forfeit many games they won this season if forward Chris Cahill is found ineligible

College Hockey News is reporting that the #1 ranked Yale Bulldogs could be coming under NCAA scrutiny because of eligibility questions surrounding forward Chris Cahill.

The issue surrounds Cahill's time last season playing in a French hockey league. The league has some players that are paid, meaning, whether he was paid or not, according to NCAA rules, he becomes ineligible [read entire article].


vizoroo said...

Don't you think somebody at a storied Ivy League institution would have investigated this?

puck swami said...

Even if he did play in a pro league, it's certainly below the level of the many college players who play with and against NHL pros in the World Juniors, coached by Yale's head coach.

Goon said...

I predict nothing will happen and this is a lot to do about nothing.