Chambers Blog Details Wrenn's Departure

Mike Chambers Blog has a detailed posting on William Wrenn's departure from DU. The big beneficiary of Wrenn's exit is Sophomore Paul Phillips who will undoubtedly receive more shifts on the blueline.


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Thought this was interesting:

Mike B said...

Good luck Wrenn. Obviously, he had a conversation with TJ Fast and the other Seabrook (not the one who has a shiny ring from last years NHL Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks). Both of these promising d-men left school to turn "pro" in the WHL and look where they are now: Fast is playing in the ECHL for the Cyclones (with Marc Cheverie) and Keith Seabrook is playing in the AHL for the Abbotsford Heat. Yes, they are getting paid, but look at the sucess that the other players from DU have had with staying put and playing under Gwoz. Again, good luck and I understand that you werent playing much and that you struggled with injury and a poor perfromance.