Mandi Schwartz Profiled On

(above) Former Yale hockey player Mandi Schwartz is the sister of CC players Jaden & Rylan Schwartz has a pretty amazing story today about Mandi Schwartz and her ongoing and up and down battle with Leukemia.


Puck Swami said...

This a very sad story that is not likely to end well.

Mandi and her family have done everything they can, and their bravery in the face of this horrible disease is inspirational.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if DU has a moment of prayer for her and her family before the game.

du78 said...

CCTig posted this over on USCHO "I have no confirmation on this, but Rylan Schwartz may not be with the team at this time, or this weekend, for a reason most of us know about."

Our prayers go out to the Schwartz family.