Dumping Ticketmaster Will Lower DU Ticket Fees

From: DU Today

This summer, Ticketmaster will issue its last ticket to DU sports and arts patrons.

The University will switch from the online ticket service provider to a new system, Paciolan on July 1. The switch should mean lower service fees and a better showcase for DU Athletics and Newman Center for the Performing Arts events. The system also will allow patrons to buy tickets directly through DU websites and provide more direct customer relations.

“[It will create] a better fan experience with students, faculty and staff, but also the general public — season ticket holders and individual game and performing arts show buyers,” says Darren Duplechin, director of box office operations for DU’s Division of Athletics and Recreation. “It’s going to be good for the University as well as our general public” [read rest of article].


Puck Swami said...

This is a good idea. I hope this move gives DU more flexibility to resell unused season tickets to fill seats, and lower ticket fees are also appreciated.

CO14ers said...

Bravo! I've always hate Ticketmasterbator.

Amy said...

Thank god. I've had so many problems with ticketmaster and have had to call them on several occassions. They always push me to buy more tickets instead of trying to solve the problem.