Jason Zucker Credits Roller Hockey For Skills

(above) Fans of the NHL Minnesota Wild will have their eyes on Jason Zucker this weekend in Minneapolis

From: Twin Cities Pioneer Press
by John Shipley

Like a lot of NHL prospects, Jason Zucker is careful when discussing his future as a college player. But the University of Denver wing isn't shy about his goals.

"Obviously it would be great to play for the Wild next year," said Zucker, a Minnesota Wild second-round pick in the 2010 entry draft. "If that happens, it would be fantastic."

Though the Denver freshman is tearing up the Western Collegiate Hockey Association, that seems like a long shot. Only 19, he still needs to fill out physically, and many aspects of his game need work, notes Wild director of player development Brad Bombardir [read rest of article].


achsdu17 said...

If you've played roller and ice you'll come to realize that roller is a much faster game then ice. No offsides, more open and in the long run easier on the legs.

If I was going to train a kid, I'd have him play inline first to build up the speed, then transition to ice.

Travis Loncar said...

Obviously, I'm no Jason Zucker, but I credit a lot of my skills on the ice to playing roller in the "offseason", if you will. It helps to keep the hockey juices flowing. Have a look at my hockey blog on hockey skills, hockey tricks, etc.