Boone Poster Giveaway Was A Big Success

(above) Boone clowns around with a young fan on Friday night
(above) Boone signs a poster
(above) PioNation is growing
On Friday night Boone personally delivered posters to 16 LetsGoDU readers throughout Magness Arena.  The idea was proposed by DU students on short notice and the event went off without a hitch.

Boone then signed posters for young fans and gave them away.  The kids were thrilled to receive the autographed posters and meet Boone.

After the DU hockey team went on a scoring run in the third period, the posters popped up all over the arena.  It was pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.  Unfortunately we won't be able to repeat the poster giveaway tonight, but Boone will be in Magness on Saturday night so give him a shout out.  Boone will also visit the Gymnastics event and the Lacrosse game tonight.

We'll will add the poster giveaway to our bag of tricks next season  or perhaps the Frozen Four in St. Paul.  Fun idea.


puck swami said...

You made it possible, DG. Others may have ideas, but funding and execution set you apart.

While others talk and complain about school spirit, you actaully do things about it. From Houston, no less.

We need a few hundred more like you.


miller said...

I agree 100% Swami.There is no one who gives more of their time, talent and resources than DG. His leadership and vision has brought Boone back and raised school spirit to a new level.

Thanks DG for all that you do, we couldn't do it with out you.

Aluuum said...

Right on Swam. I totally agree.D.G.
gets it done.

cis429 said...

Great idea, but Boone never came by Section 13 to deliver mine. I was ready with the Code Red too1

DU/CC Dad said...

+1 Swami

Anonymous said...

+1 Cis. The 3 y.o. little boy in Section 1 was really disappointed. Good idea but poor execution. Sort of sad that you couldn't even find 20 people that were interested and then couldn't deliver to those few. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can get a good high resolution image of Boone??

dggoddard said...

I was told by the students that they visited every seat and then went back later in the game to anyone that wasn't there. If one or two of you didn't receive a poster we can fix that.

Anyone who has a ticket stub to any of the seats posted below on Friday night and did not receive a visit from Boone, can email me and I'll get you a poster via UPS.

dggoddard "at"

section 1 row 9 seat 10

section 1 row 10 seat 11

section 1 row 15 seats 8 & 9

Section 4 Row 2 Seat 1

Section 9 Row 5 Seat 1

Section 13 Row 5 Seat 9

Section 13 Row 6 Seats 12-13.

Section 13 Row 7 Seats 1

Section 14 row 9 seat 11

Section 15 Row 13 Seat 11

Section 15 Row 19 Seat 1

Standing Behind Handicapped-Sec. 18 Wearing gold DU jersey

Sec 18 Row 5 Seat 3-6

Section 18 row 7 seat 12

Section 19, Row 2 seat 9