WCHA Playoff Game One: DU 4 - Minnesota State 2

(above) Shawn Ostrow went Charlie Sheen on Minnesota State scoring the WINNING goal
By now PioNation already knows the script.  The University of Denver hockey team falls hopelessly behind, wakes up in the third period and one of DU's elite NHL bound players steps up and plays the hero.  Except that tonight the hero was Shawn Ostrow, who scored the game winner with lass than three minutes remaining.

The goal was Shawn Ostrow's first goal of the season.  Shawn must have been feeling his oats because he added an empty netter for good measure a minute and a half later.

The Pioneers trailed 2-0 after two first period goals by Minnesota State.  A scoreless second period set up the thrilling finish.

Kyle Ostrow, who the rest of the weekend will be referred to the older less-talented Ostrow brother, started things off with an early third period power play goal to wake up the slumbering Pioneers.  Then Beau Bennett scored an amazing one on two goal that left a trail of Maverick players in his wake.

All that remained was for Shawn Ostrow to steal the show.

Zucker - D. Shore - Goal Czar
Mermis - N. Shore - Bennett
Maiani - K. Ostrow - Jackson
Knowlton - Dewhurst - S. Ostrow

Donovan - Nutini
Ryder - Makowski
Phillips - Lee

Brittain - Murray - Rosenholtz


Anonymous said...

Seriously Du fans, you still believe you're going somewhere in the post-season?

dggoddard said...

Pairwise sez we are going to NCAA Tourney.

Anonymous said...

Getting there doesn't mean s##t. Code red for "stop the bleeding "

Anonymous said...

We own the 3rd period. WINNING! 4-2. Game over.

dggoddard said...

Four unanswered goals in the third period for DU. Shawn Ostrow the big hero.

dggoddard said...

DU tied for #4 in Pairwise with Michigan.

Sconnie defeats CC 3-1 and the Tigers drop to #20 in the Pairwise.

CO14ers said...

We are right where we want to be. Win tomorrow and things will be sweet!

Anonymous said...

A win is good, and that was a heck of a fun 3rd period to watch. But, it still scares me that at this juncture, this team is "content" to play thier game in 15 minutes as opposed to sixty. I just don't know if this shit will work in the regionals and FF

dggoddard said...

Gwozdecky echoed many of your concerns in the postgame interview with Jay Stickney.

DU was playing hard in the first period and then gave up a cheap goal.

The second goal was scored against the 4th line which meant that DU had to play with a short bench the rest of the way.

They juggled the lines, adjusted the forecheck and changed the breakout heading into the third period.

Viola, it worked.

DU is 13-2-0 when scoring first this season. Clearly everyone on the team knows that.

This team is crazy. Our fans are neurotic. I'm not sure if the two are related or one caused the other, but it is what it is.

vizoroo said...

I hear what you are saying anon 12:07, but right now I am enjoying the cardiac kids win. Great skate for Shawn Ostrow!

CO14ers said...

Hey guys. I have to admit I got a chubby when I heard CC lost. They suck but I wish they would suck me one day.

Anyway, after hours of effort (I’m out of the blue pills) I finally shot a fat load all over myself.

I feel good. I’m done. Goodnight!!!

PS. The escort I hired is on a “code red.” Yuk!!! She made me pay upfront. :(

Anonymous said...

Will the game tonight be televised?

dggoddard said...

No TV tonight either. Just PioneerVision.

DU works out the TV contract before the season starts with FSN-Rocky Mountain. Since there's no guarantee that DU will be playing home playoff games, they don't work it into the schedule.

Last season, FSN added a 1st round playoff game at the last minute, but I believe there was more interest last season because DU was #1 in the nation and had a long winning streak.

dggoddard said...

Chambers mentions the "bus ride" from Mankato in the game recap but doesn't mention our Santa Tracker 2.0 Software.

vizoroo said...

"What you might have missed

Referee Todd Anderson tripped over his skates and fell to the ice en route to the scorer's table to review video."
From Mike Chambers Denver Post story
(In case you missed it--Todd Anderson is the only ref to eject Gwoz in his coaching career--twice.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for regurgitating.

Jordan said...

Anderson's biff was one of the best things I've ever seen in Magness Arena.

puck swami said...

It would be great to see DU actually build on last night's third period by playing with that level of intensity from the drop of the puck in Game 2 tonight.

Sammy giving up those early goals is all mental.

Twister said...

I had a sinking feeling after 2 periods last night, but DU persevered and found a way to pull it out. Great to see the Ostrows light the lamp.

The Pios sure aren't making things easy with the slow starts. DU needs to take care of business tonight and punch their ticket to St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Forget playoff beards - bring on the mohawks!

If you don't like it, the boys have two words for your doubting asses. SUCK IT!

Anonymous said...

Mohawks are great! Except for ryder...

Anonymous said...

TMI Todd