Denver Post: Doctors Give Martin Thumbs Up

(above) Jesse Martin introduced at Magness Arena earlier this season
From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

Senior center Jesse Martin, who graces the cover of the University of Denver's postseason media guide, maintains hopes of playing hockey again after meeting with one of the neurosurgeons that repaired three fractures to his C2 vertebra in November.

"He said if I took the same hit today, my neck would have never broken," Martin said. "It's 10 times as strong as it was because of the screw and how well the bones healed around the screw [read entire article]."
"Before, he could not squeeze your hand, basically. Now, I tell him, 'Go easy on my hands, I make a living with these.' "
- Dr. Alejandro Mendez

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Dr. J said...

I have nothing but admiration for Jesse and his determination and love for the game of hockey and am thrilled for him receiving this wonderful evaluation from his neurosurgeon. However, I hope that he doesn't try to return to playing hockey. He has literally cheated the hangman. There is no dishonor in walking away from hockey given the injury he has survived. All the best, Jesse.