DU Bringing The Big Guns To Practice Today

(above) Paul Stastny, Mark Rycroft and Gabe Gauthier will be at DU's practice on Monday to talk to the boys
From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

To get his team focused on the WCHA and NCAA playoffs ahead, Pioneers coach George Gwozdecky is going to have former stars Mark Rycroft, Gabe Gauthier and Paul Stastny talk to the team today after practice.

"They're going to talk about their experiences at this time of the year, tournament time, and hopefully expound some of their wisdom on how they prepared in order to help our guys accomplish our goals," Gwozdecky said [read entire article].


puck swami said...

Good move by Gwoz.

At this point in the season, the mental side of the game is often the difference maker in whether you advance or not.

Hope the boys listen.

Anonymous said...

What would be interesting, is to bring Rakhshani or Reugsegger in - 2 respected DU superstars, the big guns of last year who were expected to lead the team to the Championshp - to hear thier perspectives as well, regarding getting knocked out in the 1st round. What were thier toughts? Did they ever feel like they had regrets about not being prepared to play in the game with RIT? Were they thinking too much about the great regular season they just went through and not focusing on the task at hand? Did they have inflated egos? Is there anything they would do differently about preparing for the national tourny???

puck swami said...

Good suggestion.

Rycroft can talk to them about focus and NCAA regrets. He was on the DU team that went up 3-0 on Michigan in 1999 in the Worcester Regional.Then, Michigan coach Red Berenson called a timeout, and Michigan scored 5 unanswered on the Pioneers to win the game and knock us out.

Gauthier (03) and Stastny (06) were also on DU teams that didn't even get to the dance.

Anonymous said...

Qhy talk to rhw losers? Talk to the guys who got it done.

puck swami said...

All three guys won major hardware for DU. Stats (1) and Gabe (2) won NCAA titles, and all three guys won WCHA hardware as well. They are winners.

Anonymous said...

Aren’t they all winners for just being able to play the game? I’m pretty sure I heard Scott Owens tell his players that.