DU Grilling Society Pregame BBQ On Saturday

(above) The DU Grilling Society is comprised of students who love to cook
All DU hockey fans are encouraged to stop by the FREE BBQ Event sponsored by the DU Grilling Society before the game on Saturday night. And bring your friends and family along as well.

Tell them you were sent by LetsGoDU Blog and you want to try some of their great food.
Where: South entrance of the Ritchie Center

When: Saturday night before the DU vs. St. Cloud hockey game

Time: 5:30-6:30 PM


Anonymous said...

This is always a good time. I encourage you to show up. You have to try the tube steak smothered in underwear. It’s my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna be there in person to offer the "low calorie" version?

Anonymous said...

Low calorie version? Do you really think you can handle my $5 foot long?

dggoddard said...

$5 doesn't get you much at Magness Arena.

Anonymous said...

Whatever; But you guys better just get inside that place and make alot of friggin noise for the guys on this hockey team who are graduating. The guys who lost to Lethbridge in October. The guys we are all pushing into the NCAA Tournament. The guys you go to class with. The guys who where there in Dakota when Jesse Martin got pattywacked. The guys who are drafted. The guys who came to Denver to learn and to win. BE FUGGIN LOUD for these young men!!!

goon's taint cheese said...