DU NCAA Viewing Party At Teddy T's

(above) The Section 18ers will be cheering & venting at Teddy T's this weekend
Where will the rowdiest DU viewing party be this weekend? Teddy T's on East Evans near S. Monaco.

Many of the Section 18ers, who stand all game at Magness Arena, will be hosting the event. With 10 plasma TV’s, Teddy T's is guaranteed to have full broadcast sound for the game.

Steve Lemonidis, a familiar face at Spanky's, has moved his operation over to Teddy T's. The Green Chili rocks. Its a fantastic place to bring your buddies, significant others and even kids! The menu is tops and drink specials will be offered.
Where: Teddy T's - 6635 East Evans  (303) 759-5536
When: Saturday 2:30 - 6:30 PM
Facebook: Event Info
Email: Kent Scantland


ISayIsay said...

Let's get the SUCK IT! cheer going!

That's a joke boy.

CO14ers said...

I think I shall be going to Teddy T's on Saturday. We should have a good turnout for the game. Go DU!

Anonymous said...

Can we count on DG to pickup the tab?

dggoddard said...

NO. :-)

KentS said...

looking for ideas on menu name changes! some so far to date:
Pioneer Peteza
Bronco Bustin Burger
AFA Falcon sandwich
Hat Trick sliders
BooneTown chili

Carle Jersey said...

I'm to Lazy to look up the address? Cross streets?

CO14ers said...

It is just to the east of the intersection of Monaco and Evans. It's on the north side of Evans.

Imaws Kcup said...

ISayIsay...Big Boss Man. SWALLOW IT!

You're a joke boy.

Anonymous said...


Does that mean you're not joining Todd and me? Or your just not going to cheer for DU?

That's a joke boy.

Anonymous said...

14ers plans to spend the night. Cabfare anyone?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a good hangover remedy for Todd?