Photos From Day Two Of The Final 5

(above) DU student Matt Bick is interviewed before the game by the Xcel Center video team for a feature on the Jumbotron
(above) The Beaver

(above) Kyle Ostrow's helmet features many half eaten jelly donuts

(above) The Goal Czar inspects the troops before leading them into battle

(above) Think Jason Zucker doesn't like to play hockey?  He the first player on the ice, skates at 90 M.P.H. during warm-ups, is the last player off the ice and here helps the equipment managers pick up the pucks after warm-ups

Good times at McGovern's Pub after the game

(above) Sure he's arrogant, but when you're the best damn play by play radio voice in the W.C.H.A. you can get away with it.  Jay Stickney resting the pipes on the night before the Final 5 Championship Game


Anonymous said...

why do some of the players have the stickers on the back of their helmets, do they stand for something?

Chick Magness said...

for goals , assists , big hits , good shifts ........ they do stand for things

Anonymous said...

There was a big article on about that a while back.

Anonymous said...

You should get the team some Boone stickers instead.