Tyler Bozak Enjoys His Trip Back To Colorado

(above) Tyler Bozak celebrates his homecoming with a goal

From: Toronto Sun
by Rob Longley
If the Leafs hadn’t come calling when they did, second-year centre Tyler Bozak still would be a University of Denver Pioneer.

But the Saskatchewan native isn’t so far removed from his college life that he wasn’t going to enjoy a trip to the Rocky Mountain State.

Besides practising at his own rink on campus on Wednesday, Bozak had dinner with three of his former teammates before they took off for their regional playoff tournament.

“You miss school and you miss everything that goes on with school, but my goal growing up was to make the NHL,” Bozak said when asked if he was tempted to remain in college. “Whenever the opportunity comes, you aren’t going to sit and wait on it so I jumped as soon as I could.

“You miss being around your friends, it was a great group of guys. But it’s a great group of guys here.”

Though he has been too busy to hit the books in his whirlwind two seasons with the Leafs, Bozak says he still intends to finish his business degree by taking some summer courses.

“My parents are on me pretty hard about it,” Bozak said. “I’ll probably try to take a few more courses.”

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