Friday, April 01, 2011

Chambers Rips Dono's Decision To Go Pro Early

Mike Chambers Blog

"Donovan, a skilled defenseman with good upside but a penchant to try to do too much, may have signed with the Islanders but I don’t think he will be playing with the Islanders anytime soon, if ever. Is he NHL material right now? Absolutely not. Is this just me talking or a handful of people smarter than me? Both." [read entire article]


Aluuum said...

I agree with Mike Re: Dono

dggoddard said...

This is not a case of a player getting bad advice from an overeager hockey parent.

Donovan's father is a former CHL referee, former head coach for the University of Oklahoma's club team and been around the game all his life.

By all accounts Matt and his family were very happy with DU and very happy with his development under the coaching staff.

The question boils down to Donovan developing his game further in college or making the jump to the pros. I guess we'll see firsthand with Bridgeport in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Dono shares two words with Chambers at the Awards Banquet.

Twister said...

Sort of suprising that Chambers would take this stance, but I guess he's entitled to his opinion. He may be right, he may be wrong--only time will tell. I really thought Donovan could have used another year here. Based on what I saw this year, he needs to improve his defensive play, be more physical, rely on his teammates more, and make the safe pass/decision instead of trying to do too much. But at the end of the day, if Donovan, his family, and the Islanders organization feel this is right move, so be it. It's hard to fault a guy for pursuing his dream.

dggoddard said...

Donovan will be playing tonight for Bridgeport. He'll be wearing #46.

Donovan implied in an interview that his goal is to be playing in the NHL at the start of next season.

“Starting now will just help me get my feet wet in my professional hockey career,” Donovan said. “It will help me figure out where I am and where need to be (talent and endurance wise), which will really help me figure out how hard I need to work this summer to make it to the Island.”

Anonymous said...

Why can't Chambers just wish him well and write about the future of the DU hockey program.

I'm with you Anon 3:37pm.

**** ***!

Justin said...

Those two words should be "Thank You!" for someone being honest.

DJ Powers said...

What everyone seems to be missing here is the fact that "Family Advisors" are almost always in the middle of these types of situations. They're very persuasive, sometimes even to the point of riding the edge of what is considered ethical. Whatever bug the advisor put in Matt's ear seems to have convinced him (Matt) that he's doing the right thing.

What anyone thinks of his decision is irrelevant. He's made his choice and now has to live with it. Sure, I would love to see Matt stay another season. Heck, I'd like to see ALL players exhaust their eligibility and get their degrees. After all, a pro hockey career doesn't last forever and there is life after hockey. Maybe Matt will finish his education, who knows.

I hope he does well in the pros. I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

Chambers is pissed off that his little stunt with Jessie and UND did not pan out. The guy is an hack writer.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast there. The guy knows hockey - lets give him that. And he shares his views with those who matter. WHY do you think DG never signed on with the New York Islanders? Because he took Chambers' advice long ago, advising DG he wasn't ready to play in the NHL! Still - Some of us remain hopeful though