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Aluuum said...

Wow! Thwe extensive coverage is amazing.

dggoddard said...

Tierney is a one man publicity machine. When DU hired him they probably would of been happy with selling a few hundred more tickets and winning a couple extra games each season.

But the publicity, not only nationally but in key demographic areas where DU like to draw students from, New York, Washington, Boston metro areas, is a huge upside.

Anonymous said...

The DU lax coverage on the East Coast is the most important media coverage DU will receive all year.

DU's hockey media coverage is mostly pretty limited to the WCHA coverage area, which is wide in area but small in number of eyeballs, and has a smaller overall influence quoitient.

Getting into the East Coast media is not only a larger market in terms of number of eyeballs, but also larger in media influence.

Additionally, DU is getting more upscale association with opponents such as Virginia and Duke, which helps to elevate DU farther in peer academic stature than associations with western regional opponents or many of DU's midwestern hockey opponents.

All in all, media wise, this has the potential to be bigger and more beneficial to DU than any athletic event to date.

We are watching DU's brand image improving and growing before our eyes.

DU spending a few hundred grand on Tierney and Co. has been the best media investment DU has ever made.

This will attract not only more good lacrosse players, but more future Eastern regular students (many of whom can pay full tuition), increases DU's image in the eyes of donors and puts the school in the Eastern sports conversation.

Anonymous said...

"Some kids, can you believe it, seem to have learned to play lacrosse in Louisville, St. Louis and Littleton, Colorado."-quote from Baltimore Sun: DU shows lax growth westward

Being from Littleton, CO this quote makes me laugh. In high school we called Littleton little fun

Aluuum said...

Anon: 2:16
Re: your perceptive comments, Boston College had a great quarter back about 20 years ago named Doug Flutie. He led them to a great season culminating in a suger bowl appearence. The following few years B.C. saw an increase in student applications and therefore were able to be more selective and improved the academic quality of accepted students. This became known as the Flutie factor.
As you state, D.U.'s visibility among maany high level hifgh schools will be significantly improved by this Lacross success, particularly the expensive private schools with well off daddy able to write the big tuition check.

Anonymous said...

Keep the articles rolling in!