NCAA D-1 Lacrosse Tournament Formula

DU vs. Fairfield on ESPN-U @ 11 AM MT

DU is currently #5 in the formula listed below heading to Saturday's ECAC Championship Game against Fairfield University at 11 AM MT.

The Division I Men's Lacrosse Committee employs criteria specified in NCAA Bylaws. When selecting teams for possible at-large berths, primary factors considered when reviewing teams' won-loss records and strength of schedule are (not in priority order) as follows:
Strength of Schedule Index which is based on the 10 highest-ranking opponents in the ratings percentage index RPI. Two games against the same opponent will count as two contests.

Results against teams in descending order, as determined by the "normal RPI [Ratings Percentage Index] rank" used during the selection process, that is, the record against teams ranked 1-5, 6-10, 11-20, and team ranked greater than 20. See Quality Win Points vs RPI ranked teams.

Average RPI win (average RPI of all wins)

Average RPI loss (average RPI of all losses)

Head-to-head competition.

Results against common opponents.

Locations of contests.

Significant wins" (wins against teams ranked higher in the RPI)

Significant losses" (losses against teams ranked lower in the RPI)

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Anonymous said...

Pios got the job done today. DU eased out to an 11-4 lead, and Fairfield, playing for its season, reeled off 5 straight in the fourth period to bring it to 11-9 as a final score.

Looks like the Pios wlll host an NCAA game at Barton.