TMZ: Video Of Charlie Sheen's DU Home Run

Charlie Sheen strapped on his cleats last week stepped into the batter's box at DU's club baseball team practice and blasted a home run off of a former major league 3rd baseman, Todd Zeile.

Sheen was hanging out in Denver last Friday when he felt like taking some batting practice, so he bought five cases of baseballs and headed over to All-City Field near the University of Denver, while DU's club baseball team was team was holding practice.

Sheen, who was with former Major League stud Todd Zeile, asked the players if he could take a few cuts and they were more than happy to let him play ball.

With Zeile on the mound Sheen ripped one over the right field fence 360 feet away.

After the hitting session, we're told Sheen took a bunch of photos with the players and donated all of the baseballs to the team.


Anonymous said...

But, did he donate his tube steak to roni mexicana for the evening?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that what Sheen said to mexico???

Anonymous said...

No posts by Swami. Isn’t he a lacrosse fan? Or is he still in hiding after all the death threats from hockey player’s families this season?