DU Restocks The Cupboard With Two Local Recruits

Mike Chambers Blog has the breaking story on two scholarship players that will join the University of Denver hockey program next season.  Daniel Doremus (6'1 192 lbs) and Josiah Didier (6'2 200 lbs) will join the team a year earlier than expected, thanks to outstanding seasons in the USHL.

Both players will add some size and physical presence right off the bat next season.

2011 Recruiting Class
D Scott Mayfield (Youngstown, USHL)
F Zac Larraza (U.S. Under-18)
D Joey LaLeggia (Penticton Vees, BCHL)
F Larkin Jacobson (Janesville Jets, NAHL)
D-F Wade Bennett (Wichita Falls, NAHL)
F Matt Tabrum (Omaha, USHL)
F Daniel Doremus (Sioux Falls, USHL)
D Josiah Didier (Cedar Rapids, USHL)

2012 Recruiting Class
F Tyler Pham (Colorado Thunderbirds-U18)
D Dakota Mermis (U.S. Under-17)
D Matt Van Voorhis (U.S. Under-18)
F Garrett Allen (Chicago, USHL)

2013 Recruiting Class
F Brad Hawkinson (Colorado Thunderbirds-U18) 


Anonymous said...

all the drama for....this? Really? All it is, is two kids coming in who were already committed. No real news here people.

Fighting what I, anonymous, stated a while back that Doremus would indeed be here in '11 proved to be fruitless...SUCK IT....

Aluuum said...

anon 10:05
WRONG!!! You don't understand how the NHL operates under the curent agreement. When a player is
27 he goes "freebie". Therefore ,they don't want a 24 yr. old who will typically need a couple of years to get NHL ready and then seeya!
By getting these two a year early we have a chance of keeping them another year. No sure thing but better chances.

Anonymous said...


"Three sheets in the wind" Aluuum is lost. All I meant was that it seemed strange to make a big fuss and get all dramatic over 2 recruits we already had.

Despite all this drama, my own sources -- separate from here and the Post -- seemed to indicate all along that Doremus was indeed headed to DU this year. I knew this a while ago. I posted this a while ago. Like I said, no real news here...move along.

Maybe, Aluuum, once you get your own connections you can get good info like I do without relying on this site or the Post for suspect info.

dggoddard said...

Doremus & Didier were not informed that there was a spot available for them at DU until last Sunday night when each of their teams were eliminated from the USHL playoffs.

If Dusty Jackson had decided to return that would have almost certainly impacted Doremus.

I would add that any individual that has access to the players or their families is going to get info faster than through the Post or LetsGoDU. When it comes to recruiting rumors, coaches can't say anything on the record to any reporter until the player signs a letter of intent. NCAA rules.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm just glad to see some HOCKEY news here; I know, hockey news is sparse this time of year; but lately this has been the DU Lacrosse blog. Sure, we're happy for the Lacrosse program - but least we forget - this always has been and always will be an ice hockey blog! But don't worry - under our sunscreen, shorts and sandals and sunglasses all summer long... we still maintain that CC sucks, North Dakota blows!

dggoddard said...

The last three players that I know of that were brought in a year early were Sam Brittain, Anthony Maiani & Tyler Ruegsegger. All three contributed significantly in their Freshmen seasons.

The addition of these two players significantly bumps up the stock of the 2011 recruiting class. Easily top 5 nationally IMO.

Anonymous said...

DG the hockey recruit expert LMAO

Anonymous said...

who's a center out of this bunch? the only centers i can think of on the team are the Shores and Olwselski

Anonymous said...

Gotta be the #1 recruiting class in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Last year did anyone's freshmen class out produce ours??

Anonymous said...

Hey, whattya' know - the Redmen have a Chicken too! Ol' Ruckus should come out on October 1st; They'd make a perfect pair of assenine mascots! http://youtu.be/LNEZhocV7L0

Anonymous said...

Where will Van Voorhis play this year since he is done at USNTDP?