George Vecsey Writes About DU Lax In NY Times

(above) George Vecsey writes an article for the ages about DU Lacrosse
When the New York Times starts splashing the ink about your lacrosse program and the article is written by one of America's preeminent sports columnists, its time to pour yourself a good cup of java and enjoy a master parading his craft.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the New York Times to elevate this Tierney/DU narrative to a cultural transendence beyond sports - giving this story gravitas and insight through the eyes of a Pulitzer prize writer and a top sports columnist. This is the kind of article that will be read at a lot of influential breakfast tables. Priceless exposure for DU.

dggoddard said...

Am I the only one that thinks that Coombe should recruit John McPhee and some of his Princeton buddies to DU to give our Freshman English, math and science classes some panache?

Just use Peg's playbook to hire Noble Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners.

And while he's at it, fire all the deadbeat professors, deans & provosts at DU that opposed Boone.

vizoroo said...

The East Coast media has discovered Denver and no doubt Coach Tierney turned on the light.

"Priceless exposure for DU."

Aluuum said...

I am absolutly stunned by the east coast media coverage that D.U. is getting from this Lacrosse game(s).
Admission Dept: get ready for many more high quality applications from back there.
Peg should take half of the Basketball coachs salary away and give it to Tierney.

Anonymous said...

by high quality, do you mean, full tuition paying?