2011 Lacrosse Championship Schedule Of Events

DU Lacrosse Fan Schedule
Noon-1 PM - Lunch @ Pratt Street Ale House
1-3:30 PM - Tailgate in DU Tent Lot H @ M&T Bank Stadium (BYOB)
4 PM - DU vs. Virginia
8 - Midnight - Postgame Party @ Pratt Street Ale House

Sightseeing Day
8 PM - Midnight - Pratt Street Ale House

11-1 PM - Lunch @TBD
4 PM - Virginia vs. Maryland


du78 said...

I highly recommend going to the National Aquarium on the waterfront as one of the sights to see while in Baltimore.

dggoddard said...

We're trying to decide on a place for the DU lunch on Saturday. Does anyone have any suggestions or input?

So far the contenders are:

* Bo Brooks - fun
* Bay café
* Phillips in Harbor place- will be crowded

Aluuum said...

The Baltimore "experience" is harbor side. Get a restaurant on the harbor and make a rfeservation.