Lalonde Is A Clarkson Head Coaching Candidate

(above) DU assistant coach Derek Lalonde [right] has applied for the Clarkson University head coaching position
Manchester Monarchs head coach Mark Morris, Merrimack assistant Phil Roy [a former Clarkson player], DU assistant coach Derek Lalonde and Hobart head coach Mark Taylor are mentioned in a recent article as candidates for the Clarkson University head coaching possition.

"I'm from Brasher Falls, that's always home for me and always will be," said Lalonde, who confirmed he has applied for the position. "I grew up with (Clarkson) in our backyard. No doubt it excites me."

While at DU, Lalonde has been credited with the development of goaltenders Peter Mannino, Marc Cheverie and Freshman Sam Brittain. He also spent countless hours on the road helping assemble the #1 ranked recruiting class in the country last season that included Jason Zucker, Sam Brittain, David Makowski, Nick Shore and Beau Bennett.


Ring_of_Fire said...

Naturally, the selfish part of me hopes he's back at DU next season, but most of me is hoping that Lalonde gets his shot at Clarkson.

He undoubtedly deserves it.

dggoddard said...

You always hope the assistants get their chance to be head coaches. Head coaching turnover in college hockey is pretty rare, although this offseason has been been exceptionally busy.

Coach Lalonde would make a great head coach. He's respected by the players, great with alumni, obviously a great recruiter, plus he doesn't need to hire a goaltending assistant.

Anonymous said...

No big deal to me. His resemblance to mini-me has always freaked me out.

Anonymous said...

Dang it. Ring of Fire is spot on. I'd hate to see him go. He's not done with Brittain yet. If you go back to YouTube, when Gwoz went squirrly a couple years ago at north Dakota and left the bench.... when Gwoz initially started flailing his arms and screaming, you'll notice that Lalonde was quick to give him a swat on the legs, is if to say, "sit your ass down, boy - you're gonna get us in trouble" LOL

dusince59 said...

I agree he deserves a chance at a head coaching job but I want him here