Sunday, May 01, 2011

VIDEO: ESPN All-Access Profiles DU Lacrosse

(above) ESPN's All-Access Program profiled the University of Denver lacrosse program


dggoddard said...

This is just a 5 minute clip from the 30 minutes of coverage that appeared last night on ESPN-U.

The program really gave a good look especially at the DU assistant coaches. Matt & Trevor really do a great job teaching the boys.

vizoroo said...

ESPN and the Washington Post in the same week--amazing coverage for DU's lacrosse team.!

Anonymous said...

American big media is East Coast-centric and so is the game of lacrosse.

If DU can be a national competitor in this sport, it could do a lot for the school media wise, as well as attracting more affluent East Coast students, which is a big goal for the school.

UDenver20 said...

Awesome feature... Although it did cause flashbacks to STATS 1400... fairly painful.