Air Force Won't Be Switching Conferences

From: Colorado Springs Gazette
by David Ramsey

Chaos could soon arrive in the long placid world of college hockey, but Air Force has no plans to join the frenzy.

The Big Ten hockey conference will begin in 2013-2014, which means the Western Collegiate Hockey Association will lose Wisconsin and Minnesota and the Central Collegiate Hockey Association will lose Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.

An eruption of change seems likely with a frenzied chase to reorganize conferences.

One thing seems clear:

The Falcons aren’t going anywhere [read rest of article].


Anonymous said...

...and anybody who thought they would actually, willingly join a different or new conference was, say, greatly misinformed or never really had a clue.

Serratore and the AFA have what amounts to the perfect scenario for themselves as it is...

dggoddard said...

Air Force and the service academies don't have to worry about travel costs or budgetary pressures that many other D-I schools face.