DU Professor Featured In Westword Cover Story

(above) DU professor Robert Hannum is an expert on poker
From: Westword
by Alan Pendergast

Robert Hannum is a professor at the University of Denver. Although his doctoral work leaned heavily toward the theoretical side of statistics, Hannum now carries the title "professor of risk analysis and gaming" — a tribute to his many years studying the odd collision of mathematics, marketing and fantasy that fuels the commercial gambling industry. Hannum has been the official mathematician in residence for the MGM Grand and the Aria Resort & Casino; other casino operators call on him to run the numbers on tricky new games or review the math behind special betting promotions that, despite the best of intentions, might actually end up costing their casino some money. He is their go-to guy, the probability king, the wizard of odds [read entire article].

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Anonymous said...

Ya Hannum! I took a Statistics class with him called something like "the probability of gambling". One of the most interesting classes that I took at DU. He also offered spring break week long courses in Vegas and the Virgin Islands (or somewhere similar). Always wanted to take one of those but it didn't fit with my schedule.