Time To Stuff The Ole Ballot Box....Again

Here at LetsGoDU we're not adverse to using our clout to rig elections or stuffing the ballot box.  Who could forget our "2006 Danny King for Hobey Campaign" that netted several thousands votes for DU's 3rd string goaltender.  Or whenever Boone was involved in public opinion surveys at DU.

Mile High Sports is conducting all-star voting for 2011 teams on its website. DU is nominated in several categories including best local college team and best local college coach (Gwozdecky, Scott, and Tierney). There's also open spots to "write-in suggestions" for the categories of best college mascot (Boone) and best local must-see game (write-in DU/CC Hockey).

The the Media Poll there are a few opportunities to vote for personalities like DU hockey 's smooth play-by-play voice Jay Stickney. Don't forget to "write-in" LetsGoDU for best Denver sports news website. You could also write-in Mike Chambers for his excellent coverage of DU sports.

Vote Early & Vote Often!!!


Aluuum said...

Since all of our pro teams stink it's an easy vote for D.U. hockey as numero uno. The only possible competition is the Lacrosse team and they need more than one year to earn a vote.

just in case they are taking votes for third string goalie it's D.G. for sure.

Anonymous said...

Although I love Boone, I cannot vote him #1 mascot in the state. Boone needs to parachute into a few lacrosse games carrying the game ball to even compete with Air Force's "The Bird!"

dggoddard said...

I'd love to see the YouTube of two students walking into DU's Department of Risk Management and hearing, "We want Boone to jump out of an airplane with a lacrosse ball in his hand and land at midfield of the lacrosse stadium. You got a problem with that?"


Anonymous said...

Hell, I even witnessed The Bird get into a scrap with the BYU cougar the result being the cougar's head yanked off and the ears pulled off. The Bird is the bomb for sure.

As for Boone, forgiveness may be easier to get than permission.