Gabe Gauthier Launches 5280 Performance Hockey

(above) Gabe Gauthier's new website touts his hockey camps

Mike Chamber's Blog alerted us to DU legend Gabe Gauthier's performance hockey camps that will take place in Highlands Ranch this summer.  Check out the website.


miller said...

If I was 40 years younger, 40 pounds lighter and could skate I would go!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to the Goat!! I love seeing these guys, like he and Adam Berkhol for instance - who are more or less "done" playing as a career - but are able to stay involved in hockey, and hopefully prosper and make a living.

dggoddard said...

I'm guessing the young players are going to love being taught by Gabe.

When he was at DU all you ever saw was kids zipping around Magness in #9 jerseys.