DU Soccer Adds Two New Players

Joe Eubanks
UC Santa Barbara transfer Joe Eubanks and Christian Volesky of Henderson, Nev., will join the University of Denver soccer team this fall.

Eubanks, a product of Mullen High School, earned his undergraduate degree in business but has two years of NCAA eligibility because of injuries his freshman and sophomore years. Because he has his degree he won't have to sit out a year. He played in 11 matches at UCSB in 2011, scoring three goals.

Volesky, a four-time state champion from Foothill High School, scored a state-high 32 goals and was voted the most valuable player of the Southeast Region.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just had a brainstorm... with our highly successful Lacrosse and soccer programs, can we get one of THOSE goalies to play next to Adam Murray unsil Sam gets back???? You can't tell me those guys couldn't easily wear skates and stop pux.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, right

Putting someone into the hockey crease to stop 80+ MPH shots isn't quite as simple as your high school grabbing the soccer player with the strongest leg to be the place kicker, for example. Unless the LAX goalie has hockey experience, this is a stupid idea (even then, not too swift)...and translating being a soccer goalie into being able to be a hockey goalie is just insane.

Anonymous said...

Brainstorm? More like a brainfart!!!