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(above) DU recruit Scott Mayfield is expected to be drafted in the first or second round next weekend
The 2011 NHL Entry Draft is scheduled to be held on June 24–25, at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. University of Denver incoming Freshman Scott Mayfield is projected to be selected late in the first or in the second round.

Last month, Mayfield took part in the NHL Draft Combine in Toronto as he continues his journey toward the Draft. He and his family will head up to Minnesota on Wednesday before the draft.
Scouting Report Highlights: [from:]

Mayfield plays well at both ends of the ice, but isn’t particularly spectacular in any area at the young point in his career. Sees the ice well, and has a strong outlet pass. He won’t ever be a premier puck mover, but he will definitely contribute to the offense next year at the University of Denver.

“What everyone does agree on is that Mayfield owns the skills to be a first pair defenseman in the NHL. Also, he uses his 6’4” 200lb frame to play with a nasty edge. He skates well with a powerful stride that allows him to take ice quickly and move well laterally, Mayfield’s 1 on 1 skills were without par at the USHL level including the USNTDP squads. His long reach, good footwork and text book technique made him very difficult to beat.”


Aluuum said...

I like that-"200lbs. and plays with a nasty edge". Thats what the Pios need more off. Team him with Ryder and watch the bodies land on their ass when they cross the blue line.

Anonymous said...

I see this guy going to the Islanders

dggoddard said...

Looks like Mayfield gained 25 lbs. in the past year.

dggoddard said...

If Mayfield lasts until the second round its hard to see the hometown St. Louis Blues passing on him with the 2nd pick in the second round.

Anonymous said...

no 10-4-12 for Du.

matt Dresens said...

the phantoms have awful jerseys

Pioneers04 said...

DG, ESPN's latest mock draft had Mayfield going late in the 1st round

dggoddard said...

Its probably 50-50 that Mayfield goes in the 1st round.

About half of the Mock Drafts have Mayfield going late in the first round, the rest don't.

Late first round picks tend to get pushed back to the 2nd round, like Drew Shore last year, as teams take some unexpected picks in the first round.

The scuttlebutt seems to be that Mayfield is still 3-4 years away from being NHL ready. Teams tend to spend late 1st round picks on guys they project as ready in 2-3 years.

My projection is that Mayfield will be selected with the 1st pick in the 2nd round via a trade with Edmonton or the second of the 2nd round pick to St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

How the F is Zucker not on the top 10 list for Hobey favorites?

Twister said...

Completely agree with Aluuum. DU needs some nastiness (besides Ryder) on the blueline. Mayfield should be a welcome addition.

Imaws Kcup said...

I've heard that Didier enjoys the physical aspect of the game too.

du78 said...

I like DU's size next year especially with 5 of the frosh. DU will match up much better with UND in terms of size.

Dusty 6'3"
Ryder 6'1"
Mayfield 6'3"
Didier 6'3"
Larraza 6'3"
Doremus 6'2"
Jacobson 6'2"
B. Bennett 6'1"
Lee 6'2"
D. Shore 6'2"