Wall Street Journal Article Mentions Jon Foster

(above) Former DU star Jon Foster still wears his DU helmet while playing roller hockey in Manhattan
From: Wall Street Journal
by Joshua Robinson

Every weekend, the home of the Manhattan Roller Hockey League, where teams of padded, charging men on roller blades face off in New York City's only roller blade league.

Jon Foster earned his Frozen Four undershirt by actually playing in the Frozen Four. He was there on his way to a pair of national titles as a left wing for the University of Denver. He still wears his Division I-sanctioned college helmet [read entire article].


Anonymous said...

Good for Jon.

Playing in the NHL, AHL or ECHL can't get you a big Wall Street Journal story, but playing roller hockey in Manahattan can...

PS. Good to see the Pio helmet in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Foster was a big, big part of the 2 championship teams. Tough, smart, and selfless. Great to hear about Jon. I was in Manhattan this past week and would have loved the chance to watch Jon play.

Mark Barbour said...

Jon Foster can be seen in his 6/12/11 Manhattan Roller Hockey League championship game starting at this YouTube link:


The whole game, including an overtime ended in 12 seconds, is posted on five separate clips. Jon is wearing a yellow penny jersey with #11 on it. His team, Wharf Bar & Grill, defeated a Rathbones Pub team with a bunch of Penn State roller hockey players on the roster.