John Common Music Video Filmed At DU

(above) John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light at DU

Local rocker John Common’s new video features some unlikely stars: University of Denver students, faculty and staff.

Common and his band, Blinding Flashes of Light, filmed the video for “In My Neighborhood” at TEDxDU May 13. Shot over the course of the afternoon, the music video features shots of the band’s performance — including footage captured by the audience on their cell phones — interspersed with footage of TEDxDU attendees lip syncing the song lyrics. Trygve Myhren, chairman of DU’s board of trustees, even makes an appearance.

The band recently kicked off its U.S. tour in Mobile, Ala. The band will continue up the East Coast through July 17th. Midwest and West Coast tour dates will be announced later.


Anonymous said...'s one thing for the performers to look like they are enjoying themselves (which they were) and, yet, another to see the crowd not into it at all (which they weren't)...

Anonymous said...

Can I get that last 6 minutes of my life back?