DU 4 - Minnesota State 2 FINAL

(above) The Goal Czar was en fuego on Friday night
The University of Denver hockey team won a hard fought battle in front of a raucous Magness Arena crowd on Friday night.  Minnesota State went toe to toe with the Pioneers all night long before finally falling 4-2 after an empty net goal sealed their fate.

The Goal Czar scored two goals in the second period to give DU a 2-1 lead.

The Mavs tied it early in the 3rd period.

Drew Shore scored the game winner on the power play and brother Nick Shore iced it with an empty netter.

Both goalies had strong games. It took a while for DU to solve Austin Lee. Adam Murray was equal to the task. Coach George Gwozdecky recorded his 400th win as the DU coach.
Shots: DU 38 MSU 25
First Star: Luke Salazar (Denver)
Second Star: Drew Shore (Denver)
Third Star: Jason Zucker (Denver)


Duunker said...

Boone and Boone gear got lots of screen time on Pioneer vision tonight.
Boys looked good tonight.

Zuck'em Zucker

Anonymous said...

Good win. still not sure how Shore got a penalty on a breakaway....

Penalty Kill needs some work. The boys got caught out there for some long durations without being able to clear.

Salazar couple good pickups. Great game by Zucker and thought Murray looked good.

The giant the Boone banner was in full display!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Nick called for diving/embellishing on the breakaway when two goons took him down. WCHA officiating has reached a new low. At least two of Zucker's three penalties were also very lame calls. Brown and Sterns, didn't recognize the refs, must have pulled them up from PeeWees. Maybe Keltie and Swaider need orange stripes instead... Wait a second, did I just say something positive about Swaider? Wow, the refs must have sucked.

Twister said...

Tough, competitive hard-fought victory for DU tonight. As usual, Mankato showed up at Magness and was a very formidable and tough opponent. Nice way to open league play.

I don't know how good this DU team will be, but I really like the fact that they finally have some forwards who can knock people down and make life tough for the opponents. This team can still skate and is very skilled, but the physical play will help keep the opposition a little more on their toes.

I thought the officiating was lousy. I didn't recognize either of those guys, but they made some crappy calls, especially the call on Nick Shore.

MagnessMan said...

Lot's of sloppy play with the puck by the Pios tonight. The 2nd MSU goal was a softie to start the 3rd.

Refs were rookies and it showed. First time I've seen stripes overrule linesmen in the WCHA--usually the old farts network prevails. Kelty screwed up the icing call when Adam played the puck. Refs reversed it. Never seen anything like the call on the breakaway.

I expect tomorrow will be a different type of game.

Anonymous said...

Good 2nd & 3rd periods by DU. The 1st was all discombobulated. Where is Nate Dewhurst??? Looking at the Denver Post, clearly, DU is benefiting from the National Basketball Association's fiasco. GOOD! Let the millionaire cry-babys sit. I prefer college athletics.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was worse than a Robbie Earl dive he wont get away with that in the ECHL they will whip his ass

Anonymous said...

Full house and lots of noise. Good livrly game. dog shit refereing.

old pio said...

Booooooooone! Like I said on the scoring thread, how silly DU looks having an "authorized" but "unofficial" mascot.

Anonymous said...

Is Thauwald slow and forced to take penalties because he’s a step behind or is he just a goon?