DU Lacrosse To Play Outlaws Today

(above) DU Lacrosse will face the Denver Outlaws today at 1:30
photo credit: Andrew Fielding

Beautiful weather, awesome lacrosse, MEGA-BOONE....Good times.

The University of Denver lacrosse team will play the professional Denver Outlaws today at 1:30 PM at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium. Prior to the start of the game, the Pioneers will host their annual alumni vs. alumni game. Both games will be the first on the Pioneers' brand new iDNA turf that was installed in August.

Tickets are $5 if purchased in advance and $10 if purchased the day-of at the DU Box Office.


old pio said...

Kezar Stadium. Isn't that where Dirty Harry shot the psychopath. And then stomped on that injured leg, while the bad guy whined about his rights and wanting a lawyer? Great moments in history.

Anonymous said...

Kezar was once a 55,000-60,000 seat stadium where the 49ers once played before Candlestick Park was built. It has since been reduced to a 10,000 seater stadium for mostly track and field.

Anonymous said...

I remember Billy Kilmer and I think John Brodie playing qb for the 49ers. Was often a muddy tract.
Our mudder will be Alex Demopolous.

dggoddard said...

Very possible that this event will sell out since all the parents and alumni will be on campus that weekend.

At 5 bucks each, buy a hand-full of tickets and bring a large group.